If you suffer from or experience performance anxiety or stage fright sometimes you can feel as if you are alone in it, you perhaps see your band mates, other musicians you are performing with or other big performers and they seem totally fine, no nerves whatsoever. However, you are not as alone as you think you may be, Adele and John Lennon have admitted to suffering from pre-show nerves in their careers, even Barbara Streisand has trouble with performance anxiety.
The first step to improving and overcoming your performance anxiety is realising and accepting that it’s common and it’s normal to be a bit nervous, anxious or scared. Not everyone has nerves of steel and can walk out in front of hundreds or thousands of people and just starting singing or playing a song. There are lots of techniques out there for alleviating and getting over stage fright, here are 3 of the top tips to get you started.


A lot of anxiety can stem from the anticipation of the performance and the fear of forgetting lyrics, even to one of the songs that you play the most. Psychologist Vivian Diller, PhD says “while distraction helps avoid anticipatory anxiety, investing time in rehearsing is necessary.” So spend a little extra time going over songs during your next practice, it’ll only add to your confidence. You can always consider something to use as a safety net for extra reassurance, using a Stageprompter means you don’t have to panic if you’ve momentarily forgotten the next line or you’ve lost your place in the song.

Remain Positive

Negativity breeds negativity, if in your mind you keep thinking that you’re not going to deliver a great performance, you’re going to fail or mess up at some point during any song then it is only going to have an impact on your confidence and make you even more nervous than before. Instead, keep telling yourself you’re going to do great, have fun and give an excellent performance. If you believe and have the confidence that you’re going to do a great job you will, appearing confident is key to a great performance.

Get Out There

Start out by singing in front of people and in places where you feel more comfortable, even if it is just some of your family in your house or a few friends at a party or gathering, it is all part of the steps to building your confidence. Work up to performing at a small open mic or karaoke night where you’ll need to sing in front of less familiar people but where you’ll still feel relatively comfortable and safe, it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake at a karaoke night, everyone is there to have fun and support each other. The more you get up on stage, the more your confidence will build and the quicker you’ll overcome your anxiety.

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