Every performer that steps onto a stage wants to be remembered, and to be remembered you need to engage your audience, you can’t just stand centre stage and sing. The majority of audiences always pay most attention to the lead singer on stage, so if you perform with a band you can’t rely on them and their stage presence to help you along, you need your own stage presence, especially if you don’t have a band to back you up.

1. Practice, practice, practice

The old saying “practice makes perfect” doesn’t exist for no reason, don’t dive straight into a performance with zero practice. Running through your set off stage will help you to become more familiar and comfortable with your songs which will allow you to let go on stage. If you’re worried about forgetting your lines at any point during your performance you should consider using a Stageprompter for backup, you can then fully focus on giving a killer performance rather than panicking about forgetting words.

2. Move around

This is a really obvious tip but sometimes in the moment it is one that performers tend to forget about. People are naturally drawn to look at things that are moving, so you should try to move as much as the theme of your song allows. Consider giving out a few high fives to the audience or rocking out with your guitarist for a bit.

3. Body Language

Your body language can play a big part in what you’re trying to convey on stage and it can help you express the emotions in your songs. Making eye contact with people in the audience is a great way to engage with them, it also shows them that you’re confident on stage. Next time you hit the stage make sure you stand tall and pay attention to your posture, it’s another great way to show you’re confident and professional.

Tip: If you’re not sure how to act on stage and need some inspiration you should check out some YouTube videos of your favourite performers, take note of how they move around the stage, any mannerisms they may have and how they act with the audience.

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