Arguably, the best way to shoot a video is unscripted, however this can often be an unrealistic aim. There is nothing worse than hiring a studio, arranging a camera crew and preparing speaking notes for your presenter and still struggling to present a spontaneous and authentic production.

When shooting a campaign, presentation or even a detailed product demo it might be best to rent a teleprompter, and here are five reasons why a hiring a Stageprompter is worth the investment:

  1. Professional shooting

If your presenter is not an expert in the subject matter or struggles to memorise a long script, a teleprompter will provide a script which your presenter can confidently read.

  1. Staying smooth

The longer the video presentation, the longer the speaking part which will provide more opportunities for the presenter to forget their words, stumble of over the speech or just lose their train of thought. A teleprompter can offer your presenter that support to enable them to give a polished and professional performance.

  1. Failure is not an option

If you’re working to a tight budget and schedule then hiring a teleprompter will ensure that you get the right material in a short space of time, without any problems.

  1. Become an expert

Complex product demos, technical presentations and long videos require a lot of different verbal and physical actions happening at the same time, and often the presenter can greatly benefit from a teleprompter for help. Even if you know the product inside out and back to front, there is no guarantee that the presenter will read in a fluid and enthusiastic manner.

  1. Bright spot lights

Your best trade show person can be a good pitchman in front of an audience, but this can quickly change if they are scheduled to talk in front of a camera under the glare of those bright lights. A teleprompt can give the presenter that experience of talking to someone off screen, which may help their presentation skills.


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