Stageprompter Web App’ – Autocue & Teleprompter Software

The Stageprompter Assistant is an autocue and teleprompter software/web application that you can access on your computer via a web browser and internet connection. It allows you to format your lyrics, guitar chords etc and output them for a USB memory stick ready for your Stageprompter. You do not have to use this web application but we think you will find it a great help!
How the Stageprompter Assistant works:

You cut and paste your lyrics, guitar chords etc into an editing window within our application. You then format the information, adding colour and changing font size etc. You can preview how it will look, give the image a name and save it. Once you have created your images (songs) you can drag and drop them into the order you wish to perform them, and then output them as JPG files for your USB Memory stick. It’s as simple as that!

A one year, single user license is included with all new Stageprompters purchased after 13th June 2012. To purchase a license separately please visit the products menu on our homepage

Users will need to be familiar with the basics of a computer, they will need to know where their “default downloads folder” is and be able to “copy and paste” from the internet or other documents.

Existing users click here to log into the Web Application