Low Cost Professional Laptop Computer, PC/Mac and computer-less Teleprompter Systems

Vienne Festival

Here at Staffords on Stage we have a wide range of professional products and solutions. Using our experience in the field we have developed a range of products that are tried and tested on some of the world’s biggest sets and stages. We know that any touring band or artist needs reliable equipment and a simple solution that can handle the rigours of touring. We offer full operator training and can even create the images that the artist will view on screen / keep the set lists up to date during your tour.

When looking for a professional set up there are two main areas to consider, a PC/MAC controlled solution or a computer-less product.

Some of our customers already have the performers prompts on a PC/MAC and do not want to deviate from this format. For this we can offer a Cat5 Ethercon solution to onstage Wedge Stageprompter screens.

For the computer-less solution you can use our Controller 04 product linked in the same way.

A brief of the teleprompter products / solutions available:

  • a single on stage stand alone Wedge 03 Stageprompter operated by the artist using a footswitch
  • a single on stage Wedge Stageprompter, operated by a tech’, side of stage using CAT 5 cabling and a screen / hand control or foot control
  • on stage, multiple Wedge Stageprompters operated by a tech’, side of stage using CAT 5 cabling and a screen / hand control or foot control
  • optional rack mounted CAT5/6 cabling solutions including Ethercom connections and touring grade cable
  • options to use our Controller 04 to give you computer-less images on the Stageprompter (s), or your own computer / laptop
  • need to deliver a message professionally without stumbles and stutters? Be it TV productions/Corporate videos/Awards Ceremonies or Conferences, we provide operators to make your already pressured job a whole lot easier.
  • use of our in house image creation team

Please contact us to discuss your next show or tour.