Stageprompters, Teleprompters & Equipment for Musicians

Don’t panic about losing your way or forgetting your lyrics anymore, our Stageprompters & stage teleprompters give singers, musicians and performers a massive confidence boost by displaying the information needed such as chords, lyrics, music scores, tabs and news. Hiring a Stageprompter is the perfect way to ‘try before you buy’ so if you’re not sure, why not check out our hiring options available. We also have a wide range of equipment and accessories for when you do make your purchase.

Shop Our Range Of Autocue & Teleprompter Accessories & Equipment

All our Stageprompter autocues and teleprompters come with all the equipment you need to be up and running. You do not need to worry about additional upgrades or modules to release extra functionality with our products, they are full loaded with everything you need. Many performers like to have spare parts and accessories in case of an emergency – we can provide you with memory sticks, remote controls and power supplies as well as covers and flight cases to protect your investment.

Windows & PC Autocue & Teleprompter Software Solutions for Musicians

Do you need an easy way to create the imagery you want to show on your Stageprompter? Our Autocue & Teleprompter software is here to help. Suitable for PC’s, Laptops and computers and compatible with windows, helping musicians and singers to perform without any hiccups.