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Our Stageprompter is a teleprompter/telemonitor/autocue/cueprompter system that has been designed especially for singers and musicians performing up on stage. Unlike any other prompting device on the market there is no propriety computer running the show. Therefore, the Stageprompter is reliable, easy to operate and requires no maintenance.

From the moment you switch it on, your first image (song) is displayed on screen. You can view lyrics, guitar chords, and music notation or in fact almost anything you wish to see. It is operated by a simple foot switch and because it looks like a standard fold back monitor, the audience is unaware you have an autocue up on stage.

You can forget the panic you used to feel when losing your place in a song – a quick glance down at your Stageprompter and you are back on track. Your performance will instantly improve as your confidence grows. You can now concentrate on your fans knowing that your Stageprompter is always there for you.

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Unlike alternative small screen cueprompters and teleprompters such as iPad’s, the 22WMG01 Stageprompter has a 22inch screen. This means that for most of your songs, you can fit all your information on one screen with no scrolling needed. This gives you the advantage of being able to look ahead and see prompts that are coming up and not just a few lines at a time. It has been proven that performers reading/singing from a scrolling autocue, cueprompter or teleprompter are prone to staring at the screen and not performing to the audience. The Stageprompter gives you the most natural prompting experience so the audience will never know you are using one.

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