"The Stageprompter lyric prompter, gives you the most natural prompting experience so the audience will never know you are using one. Your performance will instantly improve as your confidence grows!"

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Changing from a music stand or iPad to a Stageprompter, makes a huge leap forward in the confidence of the performance. No longer is there a barier between the audience and the artist. These pictures were kindly sent by Tracy Cowdell in the USA to show us how his performance has changed for the better.


Mike Peters from "The Alarm" has been a Stageprompter customer and user since 2011.  Mikes feedback as a world renowned artist has helped shape the Stageprompter range over the years, to be the world leading brand for covert, on stage teleprompters.

Staffords on Stage Stageprompters provide singers and musicians with lyrics and guitar chords on stage.

No more music stands or iPads - Have you been using scraps of paper on a music stand, or maybe peering at a complicated ipad lyric software app' on a tiny screen? Our Stageprompters have been designed especially for artists performing up on stage, that want a larger screen, covert teleprompter, in front of them. Unlike any other prompting device on the market, our Stageprompters are computerless, therefore they are reliable, easy to operate and require no maintenance. From the moment you switch them on you are accessing all your prompts. You can view anything you wish to see, including images as well as text. They are operated by a simple foot switch and because they look like a standard fold back audio wedge monitor, the audience is unaware you have an autocue device up on stage.

Stageprompters provide confidence - You can forget the panic you used to feel when losing your place in a song, a quick glance down at your Stageprompter telemonitor and you are back on track. Your performance will instantly improve as your confidence grows. You can now concentrate on your fans with the knowledge that your Stageprompter is always there for you.

Big, clear, covert screens - Unlike small screen alternatives such as iPad’s, our Stageprompters has either a 22inch, or massive 32" screen. This means that for most of your songs, you can fit all your information on one screen with no scrolling needed. This gives you the advantage of being able to look ahead and see prompts that are coming up and not just a line or two at a time. It has been noted that performers reading/singing from a scrolling autocue, cueprompter or teleprompter are prone to staring at the screen, not performing to the audience. The Stageprompter gives you the most natural prompting experience so the audience will never know..

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Our current product range

Pro' Series

Pro Series

For The big stage - large 32", multiple, linked screens - controlled remotely



For the bigger stage -  large 32" screen - controlled by the artist or remotely



For the bigger or smaller stage - 22" screen - controlled by the artist



For the big or small stage - multiple uses - controlled by the artist or remotely

I ‘giged’ the stagepropmpter for the first time last Saturday and all I can say is it’s absolutely brilliant. I actually found it very easy to create the images and load it up (even with my technophobia!) and of course using it live is a breeze. I hadn’t appreciated what a boost it would give me on stage, it really is a stroke of genius. Everybody was impressed with it. The vocalist in the support band hasn’t stopped talking about it yet!


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What is a Stageprompter ?

Covert confidence - Hidden in a wedge style audio floor monitor case, the Stageprompter is virtually undetectable by the audience. It gives the user and fellow performers a massive confidence boost by displaying what they need to see such as chords, lyrics, music scores, tabs, structure or whatever is required. Great for any on stage artists wanting a computer-less teleprompter autocue monitor that is invisible to the audience

Used by - This teleprompter autocue monitor is typically used by musicians, singers, presenters, ministers, performers, speakers and choirs. You will find our products on the worlds bigest and smallest stages, places of worship, conference centers, stadiums, churches, universitys, schools, theatres and many more venues.

Options - With options available in portrait or landscape orientation, the Stageprompter is built of solid birch plywood to stand up to the knocks of live performance. Stageprompters are designed to be compact and highly portable. As well as a high density foam cover for the recessed screen, there is an optional, (standard on the Wedge-04 and Pro' Wedge-04) removable acrylic plastic anti glare screen protector. Additionally, an optional high quality fabric cover or flight case is available to protect your investment during transportation.

How they work – All Stageprompters display PDF or JPG files of your songs / lyrics / guitar chords etc that are saved onto a USB Memory Stick. The USB memory stick is inserted into the connector panel and a menu of your images (songs) is displayed. Using the foot switch you can then move through the images in forward or reverse order or select a specific image you require from the menu. There is no on or off stage set up, the Stageprompter teleprompter autocue monitor is fully operational from the moment it is turned on.

HDMI input - Some models, as well as our internal controller, have a HDMI input to allow the display from a laptop / ipad ect to be sent to the Stageprompter screen. This allows you to use any software you may choose and also enables remote opperation.

How to get your lyrics / chords etc onto the Stageprompter - Because the Stageprompters read .jpg and .pdf files you can create these in any existing software on your PC or Mac computer / tablet etc. We have also produced a purpose made web application that allows you to cut and paste from your existing song sheets. You can format your text, group and order your songs into sets and can back up or restore your work.


  • Solid birch plywood construction finished in a tough black textured coating
  • Optional 3mm acrylic plastic anti glare screen protector
  • Carry handle (s)
  • 22″ / 32" colour flat screen
  • Power, USB and foot switch sockets
  • Rubber feet
  • Accessory bag
  • Power adapters / cables supplied, specific to your country
  • Robust metal foot switch (forward and reverse and menu select)
  • High density foam screen protector

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