Here are some photos that customers have sent to us showing how they use our products. If you wish to subit a photo please email us at

Vienne Festival, France 2014
Controller04 Teleprompter for musicians
Controller04 telemonitor for singers lyrics

Right - DIY Stageprompters

Some of the pictures show how customers have made there own system / wedge using our origional RSM003 and the latest Controller04 Stageprompters.

Watch our demo video to see how to use your own screen and our Controller04 footswitch model to build your own system

On Stage Autocue
Wedge03 Autocue lyrics singers

Left - Paul Stafford with the origional on stage Stageprompter

The Founder and CEO of Staffords on Stage Ltd, using our origional 22WMG01 Stageprompter at a charity gig.  Paul started to develop the Stageprompter when, performing in various bands, his memory started to cause him issues. The realisation that a music stand on stage was just not "rock and roll" and an Ipad on a stand was too vunrable / visable was the starting point. Early prototypes used a PC, mounted inside a wedge case. It however became very clear that the inherent problems associated with running a PC on stage meant a re think. Huge investment and development led to a purpose made "controller" that allowed .jpg's to be displayed on the screen. The curent Wedge03 model uses our 2nd generation Controller that allows menu selection, screen rotation and forwards and backwards through the .jpg or .pdf images using our custom, metal, three button footswitch.

On Stage Telemonitor
Telemonitor ipad software
Singers lyric prompt software
musicians telprompter
On Stage lyric wedge
Lyrics Singers
Teleprompter artist on stage
Autocue Teleprompter Lyrics