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This Wedge III is awesome! My performances have improved as a direct result of using it. I sing for 3 busy cover bands which means over 200 songs to remember. I could not do it without my Stageprompter.

I purchased my Wedge03 in Feb. I’ve done over 75 shows with it. It’s been hauled around with all my other gear, without a road case no less, it’s been bumped/kicked by dancers, had shots spilled on it, and even had someone fall on it causing it to go tumbling across the dance floor! I was sure it was damaged, but I plugged it back in and went on with the show! …….it has made a huge difference in my level of confidence.

Todd Martin


Well, what can I say that hasn’t already be written about the Stagepromter? This is a fantastic piece of kit and a god send.

Gone are the days of the “in the way and unprofessional looking music stand.” Easy to use and the other guys in my band love it as they can all see it and whats up next on the set. Brilliant, and it blends in well with the front wedge monitors. It’s also great using it on an outdoor stage, and it means im not having to chase bits of paper if theres a breeze in the air! I would so recommend this to any singer/band. You need this in your life! Trust me, It’ll be the best purchase you ever make.

Stu Miles


I am a singer and have been looking for something like this all my career. I sing for a couple bands and I no more have to cram words into my brain before a show. I am stress free thanks to my stage prompter. It arrived very quickly and without a glitch. I am so pleased with this. If you are a lead singer you need this. I can’t recommend this enough !! A perfect 10!!! Where have you been my whole life??

Kevin Davis


Happy with the product and it gets admired a lot by my muso pals! ….. hidden amongst the monitors at a local charity gig last Saturday …

Cameron Brown


.Thanks Paul, using it weekly! Love it! Nice to have a safety net!

Cheers – Gerard



Cheers Paul, great product, love mine

John Barron


I called your ‘office’ this afternoon merely to express my thanks for everything you have done regarding advice and supply of the StagePrompter.

Having got home and studied the notes provided on Monday, I have managed to download all of my catalogue successfully and have done this in one ( albeit long ) session on the PC.

Tim and I will be using this tomorrow and I am sure he will be delighted as I am with the outcome.

I would certainly hope that you can use my comments in a positive way when marketing your product as you deserve to be praised for your foresight. I can’t see how any solo singer or band can perform without one of these.

Ian Butcher

Ian Butcher


Just wanted to follow up since my March gig .. we’ve done 5 more performances with it now and I can’t ever imagine going without it. No more stands on stage. Most of the bands on our lineups come with music stand and ipad as their “prompter” but the stand is still in the way. The stagepromter is on the ground, facing up and people never even know it’s there. Other bands see it and are in awe. So glad I found this site and more importantly, the product.



Outstanding piece of kit, well worth the investment. Used it now in our last 3 gigs and as we use it only for prompting, it has proved invaluable to us. Not one lyric has been missed, even by our elder statesman who usually gets one or two lines mixed up (bless him)! We also use it for key changes and for set lists and reminders of who to thank at the end of the gig.

When I have had to speak to someone at Staffords, Paul Stafford himself has been extremely helpful with emails and personal calls to make sure their customer service is spot on.

Would I recommend them? Absolutely, especially now that I have seen so many pro artists using these.

Rick Cairns