This Wedge03 is awesome! My performances have improved as a direct result of using it. I sing for 3 busy cover bands which means over 200 songs to remember. I could not do it without my Stageprompter.

I purchased my Wedge03 in Feb. I’ve done over 75 shows with it. It’s been hauled around with all my other gear, without a road case no less, it’s been bumped/kicked by dancers, had shots spilled on it, and even had someone fall on it causing it to go tumbling across the dance floor! I was sure it was damaged, but I plugged it back in and went on with the show! …….it has made a huge difference in my level of confidence.

Todd Martin


Well, what can I say that hasn’t already be written about the Stagepromter? This is a fantastic piece of kit and a god send.

Gone are the days of the “in the way and unprofessional looking music stand.” Easy to use and the other guys in my band love it as they can all see it and whats up next on the set. Brilliant, and it blends in well with the front wedge monitors. It’s also great using it on an outdoor stage, and it means im not having to chase bits of paper if theres a breeze in the air! I would so recommend this to any singer/band. You need this in your life! Trust me, It’ll be the best purchase you ever make.

Stu Miles


I am a singer and have been looking for something like this all my career. I sing for a couple bands and I no more have to cram words into my brain before a show. I am stress free thanks to my stage prompter. It arrived very quickly and without a glitch. I am so pleased with this. If you are a lead singer you need this. I can’t recommend this enough !! A perfect 10!!! Where have you been my whole life??

Kevin Davis


Happy with the product and it gets admired a lot by my muso pals! ….. hidden amongst the monitors at a local charity gig last Saturday …

Cameron Brown


There must be many performers like myself who sometimes struggle to remember lyrics on stage and who therefore rely on scraps of paper on a music stand or similar .

There are many problems associated with this , firstly it looks unprofessional as it’s very obvious to the audience that your reading your lyrics , also you have to keep turning pages between or during songs , this is a disruption the flow of the set , I also find that in some venues the dim lighting makes it difficult to read the lyrics , all of these things mean that my { and i would imagine most performers } confidence on stage is diluted and so the performance is not as good as it could be .

Step forward the Stafford stage prompter , this is the perfect solution to all the above problems .

The unit is very well built and from an audience point of view looks like a normal stage wedge monitor ,

the illuminated display is very clear and because it runs from a simple usb key there’s no computer on board….. also turning the pages is very easy using the supplied footswitch .

The unit is water resistant so if you do happen to spill your pint over it you shouldn’t have a problem { other than having just lost your beer }.

All in all when you consider the thousands of pounds you spend on a nicer guitar/keyboard/pa etc to improve your performance the relatively inexpensive stage prompter could be the best money you spent to enhance your gigs ,

Graham Buxton ,

Ex professional singer / guitarist / songwriter,

Currently with the Lonely and the Strawheads ,

And Assistant Manager of Digital Village , Cambridge

Ian Butcher

Graham Buxton


How bad did we look before the Stageprompter ? We had a selection of Ipads and old fashioned stands littering the stage. It happened many times that in the heat of the performance a stand would go over with paper everywhere and musicians loosing their place in the song.

We quickly realised that this should not be a cheat or a karaoke excuse, you have to know your words and your musical notes / chords. The Stageprompter is a prompt for when you forget the first line of the third verse.

The two best parts of your product is the ease of use and that there is no computer program to worry about on stage.

I spoke with Paul, the owner and designer of the product as we wanted three Stageprompters to be linked on stage. He custom made a solution for us and did not charge us anything for doing it !!! WOW.

We have been touring around europe with our Stageprompters now for three months and we love them.

Thanks guys at Stageprompter.

Peter Erikson


.Thanks Paul, using it weekly! Love it! Nice to have a safety net!

Cheers – Gerard



Cheers Paul, great product, love mine

John Barron


I called your ‘office’ this afternoon merely to express my thanks for everything you have done regarding advice and supply of the StagePrompter.

Tim and I will be using this tomorrow and I am sure he will be delighted as I am with the outcome.

I would certainly hope that you can use my comments in a positive way when marketing your product as you deserve to be praised for your foresight.

Ian Butcher

Ian Butcher


Just wanted to follow up since my March gig .. we’ve done 5 more performances with it now and I can’t ever imagine going without it. No more stands on stage. Most of the bands on our lineups come with music stand and ipad as their “prompter” but the stand is still in the way. The stagepromter cueprompter is on the ground, facing up and people never even know it’s there. Other bands see it and are in awe. So glad I found this site and more importantly, the product.



For someone like me that plays for a lot of different artists, often at short notice, the Stage Prompter can really help settle the nerves and let you concentrate on just playing! The fact that it is really easy to use and set up means that it’s no more hassle than carrying around my amps and pedalboard and the fact that it looks like a stage monitor means it doesn’t stand out. It’s also come in handy in recording sessions where I’ve had charts and notes on it. A great idea and executed really well!”

Ian Butcher

Neil Cowlan


This is a FANTASTIC product and does exactly as it says. It is very visible and great in poor lighting conditions for all members of our band to utilise.




….. pretty stylish, like another monitor on stage ………..A great piece of kit for any band.

Ian Butcher

Big Bad Dave


It’s a must for any musician be them Amateur/Professional. Simple to use, clear to read, no sheets of paper to worry about…….

Jim Dowsett


As an established originals band of 6 years, Blues ConFusion, do regular gigs locally at festivals and public venues and have had a lot of curiosity and positive interest in my Staffords Stageprompter from other professional corporate bands/musicians and professional sound engineers and technicians. 

Personally as a lead vocalist for this band and also performing as a duo with a pianist, I have only positive things to say and have new-found extra confidence on stage. Now being able to focus more on my singing dynamics and performance interaction with other band members, in entirety, to be able to deliver a better professional performance.

The other band members also are enjoying the benefits of the Staffords Stageprompter, as I have added song structure, keys, chords etc, which is invaluable, especially when a band has to occasionally employ fill-in (temporary) musicians and Spot Artists.

Visually, to the audience and ourselves, the stage now appears tidier and less cluttered without stands and music sheets.  Everyone reads from the same page.

Brilliant invention, practical design and worth the investment....Love It!!

Ian Butcher



The guys at Stageprompter are committed to customer service. They do what they say they will do.

We’ve used the Stageprompter in several ways with the singer operating or the changes being managed from the wings.

When we asked Paul if he could develop a mod to operate the unit from the back of the hall they did! That’s a great response from any Company!’



Outstanding piece of kit, well worth the investment. Used it now in our last 3 gigs and as we use it only for prompting, it has proved invaluable to us. Not one lyric has been missed, even by our elder statesman who usually gets one or two lines mixed up (bless him)! We also use it for key changes and for set lists and reminders of who to thank at the end of the gig.

When I have had to speak to someone at Staffords, Paul Stafford himself has been extremely helpful with emails and personal calls to make sure their customer service is spot on.

Would I recommend them? Absolutely, especially now that I have seen so many pro artists using these.

Ian Butcher

Rick Cairns


I currently sing in THREE different bands and whilst I generally have not had many issues in the past with learning lyrics the latest project I committed to has a timescale that could well have proven to be a problem to me so I was on the lookout for a teleprompting system and Stageprompter has been the answer to my prayers.

I first used the telemonitor out on New Years eve with just a couple of new songs i was unsure about and no one except my fellow band members had a clue, usually I would have had a couple of sheets of paper but the words are so small its hardly worth the effort and if i do need to refer to them its just so obvious! Our bassist is as blind as a bat and he even commented that even he could read the lyrics and then said “how professional are we?”

Stageprompter has enabled my next project to hit the ground running far quicker than it would have done without it!

Nige Roberts


The Stageprompter was a huge success on Saturday and blended in well with our monitors. The audience did not have a clue. It even fooled the band to start with as they thought it was just a new monitor.

Ian Butcher

Gary Mc Farlane


All is good an worx precisely.....the entire crew plus musicians love it !



We gigged at the Casino last Friday night. I’ve used my telewedge Stage Prompter at every gig for the last 2 years ( I think that’s how long I’ve had it ). Never has it failed me. I started freaking out when I was getting a message across the screen. Of course as usual it was operator error. I had unplugged the power supply cable to the prompter box the last time I stowed it for transporting! IT WAS RIGHT THEN I REALIZED HOW MUCH I DEPEND ON IT NOW!!! I have 8 flash drives. Around 300 songs. There is no way I can keep all those different songs straight and continue expanding our genre’s and musical library without Stafford’s On Stage Prompter.

One thing I have learned is the more you use it ( your application ) the better you get with it.
Many Thanks!!


Ian Butcher

Mike Tipton


Website: http://thealarm.com

The stage prompter is as important to the creative performing artist as a microphone is to a singer or a guitar for a guitarist.

Since taking possession of one of these remarkable instruments it has opened up a world of possibilities.

It has enabled me and my bands (The Alarm / Big Country), to play new material on stage earlier than would normally be expected as we have been able to work in an arrangement or lyric sheet into the subtle screen of the stage prompter (even right up to the last minute before stage time), enabling each member to take a reference point / reminder when needed.

The stage prompter has afforded me greater freedom to invite guest musicians up on to the stage to join in and sing / play songs that they are not so familiar with, but can still perform with confidence as a lyric or chord chart is just a glance away.

As a long established group with a history, we can call up older material (that may get requested from time to time) that just needs a subtle reminder to be able to played by the band, and (as long as you are organised with your memory sticks…), Boom’ there it is…. let’s play!

The stage prompter has set our music free. All bands should have one!!!

Mike Peters

Mike Peters


….it is a fantastic innovation, incredibly easy to use and very reliable. No computer literacy needed…..brilliant!

Ian Butcher

Jon, Pro musician, London


I’m the drummer in a covers band, and our lead singer has started using one of these recently and he swears by it. I can usually see it from the drum stool, so it can be useful to me as well, for a reminder of the song structure.



Hi Paul, We had last weekend a few gigs where i used the stage-prompter, and i have to say i feel relaxed! it works great!

Thanks a lot! regards, Robert

Ian Butcher



Got to say a big thanks to all the Guys at Stageprompter. This device is first class and I can not wait to gig live with it. We have been using it in rehearsals now for the weekend and I can not believe how bad we must have looked with music stands at our previous gigs. Rock and Roll !

Jason R


This is my best piece of lyric prompting equipment for performing live. Easy for a quick prompt on the words and good for the others in the band, for chords, changes etc.

Having spoken to Paul i can say he is a great guy and so helpful, thanks Paul.

I would recommend the Stageprompter to any performer.


Ian Butcher

Phillip Butterworth


The Stageprompter is fantastic, thank you sooo much.



Hi guys. Wow what a great bit of kit for up on stage. It arrived real quick, 5 days from order to the USA is real good. Great packaging. Used the stageprompter on Saturday night and if was first class. Thanks.

Ian Butcher

Jon J


I looked at various systems but yours gives me complete control on stage and that is what I wanted. I have a couple of big gigs coming up and I am looking forward to working with the STAGEPROMPTER

John Scarlett


I used my Stageprompter autocue for the first time out side the rehearsal room- it was brilliant- I absolutely love it!

Ian Butcher



Website: http://www.thevicswindon.com

The Stageprompter was an awesome piece of Kit used it for the first time with my Black Sabbath band Supernaut. Am now making it available to all bands that play at our venue The Vic Swindon.

David Young


This is a great product, much more professional looking than what we used before. The display is visible no matter what the lighting people are doing, but the whole thing is discreet and a real boost ….. One less thing for the lead singer to worry about…

Ian Butcher

Helen - Keyboards


I ‘gigged’ the stagepropmpter teleprompter for the first time last Saturday and all I can say is it’s absolutely brilliant. I actually found it very easy to create the images and load it up (even with my technophobia!) and of course using it live is a breeze. I hadn’t appreciated what a boost it would give me on stage, it really is a stroke of genius. Everybody was impressed with it, the vocalist in the support band hasn’t stopped talking about it yet!



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