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How to get text onto our teleprompters

Our Stageprompters display .pdf and .jpg files on the screen. You can create these in software you may already have on your computer, such as Word, Powerpoint etc, or you can use our own online web application.

Our Stageprompter Assistant Web Application is a teleprompter / autocue app' that has been developed specifically to allow Stageprompter customers to: 

  • easily create and format their lyrics, guitar chords etc, into "Images" for use on their Stageprompter
  • simply drag and drop the created "images" into set order for their next gig
  • automatically output created "images" in the correct orientation and format for their USB memory stick.


" The best lyrics app for singers " - Voice council

When you step up to the mic to deliver your performance what do you want to see when you glance down to get a quick prompt ?

"You need a simple, reliable system" .... Paul Stafford - founder and CEO of Staffords on Stage.

All our products are based on this statement. Many teleprompter companies try and make their products better than the rest by adding largely unnecessary features and options. We focus on keeping it simple and reliable up on stage. At the end of the day, all you want is a quick prompt during your performance.

Where to buy our Stageprompter teleprompter application

The initial licence is free with each Stageprompter for the first year and thereafter is subject to an annual renewal fee. This fee covers unlimited telephone and online support when using the Web Application and all upgrades and feature additions as launched.

Our web application is "software online". You access it via your web browser (the internet) on your computer. We send you a licence key (a unique string of numbers and letters) which allows you to create your own account and then log in and use the app'.

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