Musicians autocue wedge monitor FAQ


The musicians autocue wedge monitor

Why Choose a Stageprompter

  • What is the advantage of a Stageprompter over an iPad or tablet ? - The screen size on tablets and iPads are such that they usually must be mounted up off the floor on a stand to be seen clearly by the vocalist performer, therefore, the audience will know a lyrics prompt is being used. Tablet style PC's are also vulnerable to messages popping up at unforeseen times, which can interrupt a performance. The Stageprompter looks like a wedge monitor speaker and is covert from the audience. The screen will not time out for any reason nor will you get unwanted pop ups or messages.
  • I’ve seen some Stageprompter wedge “lookalikes” out there. What are your competitive advantages ? - This is a big question and as such needs several answers: 1 - Purpose built technology - Most competitors put a standard, "off the shelf" PC computer inside their wedge cabinet that runs on a version of Windows or similar. You will then need to select and run a third party software program / application to work your lyrics etc. You are then running a standard computer and additional software during your performance with all the related risks and complications. The Stageprompter is the true musicians teleprompter, utilizing our own custom-made "controller" that is designed to do one thing, and one thing very well, display lyrics, guitar chords etc. It does not need a keyboard or mouse. It does not need bluetooth or wireless technology. It does not need software updates and is immune from screen savers, viruses and the “blue screen of death”. Boot up to "100% ready for use" is just a few seconds ! 2 - Top build quality - Our foot switches are custom made of metal, not plastic. All parts, including our screens are "industrial quality" and are chosen for reliability and durability, not for low cost. Every element of the Stageprompter is designed to perform on stage and is built to withstand a touring rock band and its roadies. There is no substitute. 3 - We hold stock - Unlike most of our competitors, our products are not built to order from whatever parts we can get our hands on at the time. We are a serious, world wide company with structure,  manufacturing, support and parts supply in the UK and USA. The stock holding of all parts and accessories is not just for current products, but also previous product lines, so you can feel secure in your purchase for many years to come. 4 - World wide support, 24/7, 365 - A lot of our customers perform not just in their home town but sometimes tour outside their city or country. We operate a world wide support network including next day part distribution and telephone and email support as needed, 24/7, 365 ! 5 - Talk to the CEO - We are large enough to cope but small enough to care. Still very much run on a day to day basis by the senior management, you are always welcome to talk to the people that matter. Whether you have a technical question, a product suggestion, or just want some advice on how to use you new Stageprompter, feel free to email or call our founder and CEO, Paul Stafford in the UK
  • So why do your Stageprompters not contain a battery backup ? - Our Stageprompters do not contain an "off-the-shelf", Personal Computer (PC), so do not require a battery backup system if power fails on stage. A "PC" based singers telewedge will, if it looses power, have to go through a normal "PC" type boot up procedure, and on board software will then have to be opened and configured using a keyboard and mouse before you can begin your performance again. We have developed our own internal "controller" so the Stageprompter will restart and be 100% ready in seconds when power is restored with no assistance needed.
A telewedge for singers

Imputting your words, lyrics etc

  • How do I create my images / get my lyrics etc onto the Stageprompter ? – All our Stageprompters have our own, internal controller that reads .pdf and .jpg files that you store on a memory stick. It is as simple as that. Please visit our Web App' Section where you can see a demonstration video.
  • Do I need to use the Web Application to operate my Stageprompter ? - No.  The Web Application is very useful, but we do not force customers to use it for operating the Stageprompter.  The Stageprompter will read .pdf and .jpg files from a memory stick, which can be created using Word, PowerPoint, or any program that will create these types of files.
  • Do the lyrics scroll ? - No and for several, very good reasons. The Stageprompter displays a static image which allows the performer to use it as a reference.  To work correctly, scrolling lyrics require complex time links to the music being played which can be unreliable.  Scrolling lyrics also tend to keep the eyes of the performer “fixed” on the screen, making it difficult to look away and engage with the audience.
  • Can you have larger font size on the Stageprompter screen ? – You can increase font size within your images to your own requirements
Singers lyrics telepromter


  • Do you supply outside the UK ? – Yes, we supply all our products direct from our factory, all over the world. We endeavour to keep all products in stock. Prices - please visit our online shop on this website. Outside the UK, all local taxes and or duty will be the responsibility of the customer
  • Do you hire ? – Yes, we currently have several Stageprompters in our hire fleet. Please visit our our Hire Section for your next tour / gig
  • Can you Link Stageprompters ? – Yes, Stageprompters can be linked using several solutions. Please contact us to discuss your requirements
  • Do you supply a flight Case / Protective Cover ? – Yes, we provide both to protect your Stageprompter from the bumps and knocks of transportation. Please visit our Accessories section
  • How long will it take for my order to arrive ? - In the UK and EU it is 2-3 working days. For the USA / Canada / Australia / the rest of the world it is 3-5 working days
  • I would like to try a Stageprompter, but I’m not ready to buy. What do you recommend ? - We currently have several musicians autocue wedge monitors in our rental fleet which is an ideal way to "try before you buy". Please visit our Hire section.