A selection of artists that use our Stageprompter on stage teleprompter products

Featured Artist: Robert Plant – Led Zeppelin

Rock legend Robert Plant and his latest ensemble, the Sensational Space Shifters have been wowing audiences. With storming, wide-open versions of such Zeppelin classics as Black Dog, Whole Lotta Love and Rock and Roll. Where lead guitar blends with the Gambian riti, a one-stringed fiddle played by Juldeh Camara. “It’s a far-out collision of styles, very infectious and fluid”. Though his contribution to Pop Culture began with his work with Led Zeppelin, his path since has been uncompromising: keep it fresh, spin the bottle, dig deep, embrace the past – visit it – celebrate it – but don’t build a home in it.

Website: www.robertplant.com   www.ledzeppelin.com

Featured Artist: Europe

EUROPE - THE FINAL COUNTDOWN - the hit that started it all for them! To think this is almost 30 years ago now - "we hardly recognise ourselves!" Whilst this was an important chapter in their lives, EUROPE have evolved over the decades and they still love what they do today, bringing power and emotion! They have got some great surprises in store for their 10th studio album which is currently in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

Website: www.europetheband.com

Featured Artist: Billy Strings

Billy Strings (born William Apostol) is an American guitarist and bluegrass musician. 

Rolling Stone named Strings one of the Top Ten New Country Artists to Know in 2017. In 2018, Rolling Stone published an article entitled "Bluegrass Prodigy Billy Strings Plots 2018 Spring Tour," saying, "Billy Strings doesn't have any trouble living up to his name.  He is one of the latest breakneck guitar pickers to emerge in the bluegrass world."

Website: www.billystrings.com

Featured Artist: Airrace

Known in Hard Rock circles for being the band that saw the musical debut of drummer Jason Bonham, Airrace was the brainchild of former More guitarist Laurie Mansworth. Following the acclaimed 1984 release of their debut album, ’Shaft Of Light’, the band supported rock titans such as Queen, AC/DC and Meat Loaf, but they parted company in 1985. It took a 25th anniversary reissue of the record to reunite the group (with a slightly amended line-up), and they eventually issued a second album, ‘Back To The Start’, via Frontiers in 2011. A third Airrace album in their off-and-on 35 year existence looked unlikely when guitarist and band leader Laurie Mansworth put the band on ice a few years back to concentrate on managing The Treatment, and even less so when soon after a new line up came together, Keith Murrell departed. However, Mansworth returned in 2017 with a new line up and a new studio album Untold Stories, released by Frontiers Music Srl on August 10th 2018. An opening salvo from the record arrived in September 2017 with a single entitled 'Eyes Like Ice'. Untold Stories has been hailed as one of the best AOR albums of 2018, typically receiving #1 ratings across the industry and ARfm's Album Of The Year 2018.


  • Adam Payne – vocals
  • Laurie Mansworth – guitar
  • Rocky Newton – bass
  • Linda Kelsey Foster – keyboards
  • Dhani Mansworth – drums

Featured Artist: Todd Sharpville

"When I was a kid I used to play to impress. Nowadays, I only play to express. My sanity depends upon it."

Without a doubt, Todd Sharpville is one of the most soulful blues guitarists in the world today along with having a burgeoning reputation for being an incredibly sought-after songwriter & lyricist: a veritable “Randy Newman of the blues”! Additionally, his shows are famed for being highly intense affairs, emotionally charged and full of spirit. One of a small minority of British acts who’s a regular “face” on the international touring circuit, Sharpville is in the process of taking the USA by storm and reminding blues fans around the world of the invaluable contribution that Britain still offers to blues culture.

Website: www.toddsharpville.com

Featured Artist: Blues ConFusion

Blues ConFusion was formed in 2013. Phil Bourgault met Deb Gill at the Hills Blues Club and Phil gave Deb a CD of his original songs. Deb was impressed and they decided to sing Phil’s original music as a duo at open mic nights. Phil then asked Guy Slingerland to join them on drums and Deb introduced bass player Peter Hackett. There was an immediate creative buzz and the band has played at various gigs in the Perth Hills. They play a mix of Phil’s original music and covers of blues and jazz blues artists. They are currently recording a CD of Phil’s original music with Fenton Oldmeadow at his Gemsound studio. They are well known in the Perth Hills music scene and were consistent contributors to the Hills Blues Club.

Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Blues-ConFusion-336930029783871/

Davide Barbieri

Davide “Dave Rox” Barbieri is a Singer, Keyboardist and Producer. He has collaborated with many artist such as James Christian (House Of Lords), Robin Beck, David Forbes (Boulevard), Nick Workman (Vega, Kick), Moon Calhoun, Jeff Paris, Frank Nemola (Vasco Rossi), Michele Luppi (Whitesnake, Secret Sphere), Alessandro Del Vecchio, Rob Marcello (Danger Danger), David Readman (Pink Cream 69, Voodoo Cirlce).


Wheels Of Fire: “Hollywood Rocks” 2010 (Singer, Keyboardist, Producer) “Up For Anything” 2012 (Singer, Producer)

Charming Grace: “S/T” 2013 (Singer, Keyboardist, Producer)

Room Experience: “S/T” 2015 (Backing Vocals, Keyboardist, Producer)

Bonfire:”Glorious” 2015 (Backing Vocals)

Official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/davidedaverox.barbieri

Anneke van Giersbergen

Dutch vocalist Anneke van Giersbergen is easily one of the hardest working people in music, and an artist that defies being pigeonholed by genre. She will forever be known as the vocalist for melancholic metallers "The Gathering". Since striking out on her own in 2007, she has solidified a solo career, recorded and performed multiple times with Canadian metal genius Devin Townsend, and lending her honey-sweet, yet powerful voice to the likes of Anathema, Icelandic folk group Árstíðir, Within Temptation, Ayreon mastermind Arjen Lucassen, Moonspell, John Wetton and Napalm Death. This has provided Anneke with a huge catalogue to choose from as a live performer, but it has also created a certain amount of confusion amongst her fans which has led to the creation of a new group, VUUR, a band that features some of the best heavy metal players in the Netherlands.

VUUR released their full-length debut in October 2017 on InsideOut Music. From there the band hit stages across Europe and beyond. Make no mistake: VUUR is a band and not a project, meaning that Anneke will focus on new material as well as the heavier side of her previous outings.

Website: www.annekevangiersbergen.com

The 3 Sixties frontman and lead vocalist - Stan

Stan has been devoted to the sounds of the sixties since starting out as a young mod in one of Birmingham’s finest scooter clubs in the mod revival years. Hooked on the classic tunes and style of the era, Stan brings authenticity and emulates the vibe and feel of the time. His incredible vocal range, versatility and power of delivery is felt in reproducing demanding music from, among others, The Yardbirds, The Animals, Small Faces and The Rolling Stones. His drive and passion are felt by not only the band but also the audience! He brings an infectious energy to all live performances.

Stan fronts a five piece R&B / soul group, The 3 Sixties. In tribute to the iconic era, the band authentically recreats the sounds & style of the Swinging Sixties. The group's attention to detail and musicianship takes the audience on a journey through the decade that brought us The British Invasion, Beatlemania, Mods & Rockers & the Psychedelic ”summer of love”.

Website: www.the3sixties.com


Armortura are a UK, melodic thrash metal band. The music is loosely based on old school thrash, with lots of modern and melodic influences that can be heard from the tight, harmonized guitars coupled with pounding bass lines and powerful vocals. Formed by a chance meeting in April 2016 by ex-HOLOSADE members Phil De Sade (vocals) and Paul Trotter (guitarist). Early 2017 saw the full band formulation of Adam Ironside on guitar and Steven Smart on bass, followed by Adam Sayers on drums to make the five-piece metal machine! Armortura signed to Denmark’s biggest metal label, Mighty Music and released the self-entitled debut album worldwide in December 2017. Also featured on the album is the ‘11th Hour Bonus Track’, which features Jeff Waters from Annihilator shredding out a spectacular guitar solo. Jeff says it is an honor to be part of the album!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/armortura

Geraldine Olivier

The sympathetic singer from Switzerland has experienced a lot in the last 23 years. From one day to the next, her life has changed from the Embassy secretary, to a successful artistic life. Her CV was completely rewritten in 1995 with today's evergreen "Take your time again" (Nimm dir wieder einmal Zeit). By winning the Grand Prix of Folk Music on September 2, 1995 in Vienna, Austria, she has taken the professional career of a singer. Since that day, she has dedicated her life and profession exclusively to songs and stage - with the Staffords on Stage - Stageprompter!

Secret Service

Secret Service is a legendary Swedish pop/new wave band, originally formed 1979. Ola Hakansson, former vocalist of Ola & The Janglers teamed up with Tim Norell and Ulf Wahlberg to write a few songs that they submitted to the European Song Contest. Besides Ola Hakansson (vocals), Tim Norell and Ulf Wahlberg (keyboards), the original lineup included Tonny Lindberg (guitars), Leif Paulsen (bass) and Leif Johansson (drums).? Secret Service's first single "Oh Susie" became a hit in Sweden as well as parts of Europe and South America, it was number 1 in 29 countries. "Ten O'clock Postman" became another hit and the title of the next album. Other successes followed, their synthesizer based number "Flash in the Night", hitting the charts all over continental Europe, as well as the duet with ex-ABBA's Agnetha Faltskog, "The Way You Are". Ulf and Tim re-assembled the band 2006, with a new lineup. Because of family and business reasons Ola decided to not join the band. So together with Mats Lindberg (bass) they invited Mikael Erlandsson (vocals and guitar) Johan Becker (vocals and guitar) and Jaime Borger (drums) to join the new live version of the band. Since then the band has been successfully touring.

Website: www.secretservicemusic.ru

Scouting For Girls

“A greatest hits? I never thought we’ d even get to make a single,” chuckles Scouting For Girls singer, songwriter, pianist and guitarist Roy Stride. “When we started all those years ago, all I wanted to do was make music with my mates. If it went really well we thought we might earn enough to give up our day jobs. ”It’ s too late for that of course. Over the course of three sparkling, life-affirming, Top 10 albums the UK band Scouting For Girls have made the journey from playing pubs in Harrow and Ruislip to headlining Wembley Arena. This, then, is the tale of three friends who followed their dream, seduced a nation and sold two million records along the way.

Website: www.scoutingforgirls.com

Boris Carloff

Boris Carloff's origins stemmed from studying classical violin and his first band Palm Beat was formed in 2003. He later played with several other projects and as producer he collaborated with acts including Krystof and Wohnout. His first solo EP, Good Stuff was released by Red Salamanda Records in 2004 and his debut full-length album The Escapist was released in 2012. The album reflects on the passing of Carloff's brother and father in the two years prior. It includes guest performances by Doug Yowell and Ghetto Priest. The album won Apollo Award for the Best Album of the Year. He was also nominated in five categories of the Czech Andel Awards, while winning two: Video of The Year for Falling and The Best Electronic Album.

Boris says - “owning a Stagepromter made my performance much more comfortable and I love to have it as my guarding backup on every stage”.  See Boris on stage with the Stageprompter



Madness are one of the most recognized and probably the most successful English ska bands of all time. Originating from Camden Town, London, they formed in 1976. One of the most prominent bands of the late 1970s and early 1980s 2 Tone ska revival, they continue to perform with their most recognized line-up of seven members. Madness are currently in the middle of a major tour and recently performed at Buckingham Palace and the closing ceremony of the London Olympic Games. Checkout their website for tour dates and tickets as well as downloads and some fantastic media.

Website: www.madness.co.uk

Kevin Davis

Based out of Westchester County, New York, Kevin fronts the rock band “Big Guns”. In the style of skid row, nickleback Bon Jovi, Big Guns have been together on and off since 1995. A recent reunion went over so well with so much response they decided to get back to work again. Mostly for fun, they all have "paying" jobs, Big Guns can be seen back on the New York Rock circuit. Kevin toured Europe, Paris, France, Portugal, and Spain in 1996 and on another project with a guitarist named Jimmy Packes. stayed and did some work in East Sussex UK at Stanbridge Studios.

Facebook: Big Guns

Mike Peters – The Alarm

Mike Peters is best known as the lead singer of The Alarm. After the band split up in 1991, Mike wrote and released solo work, before reconstituting The Alarm in 2000. Additionally, he is co-founder of the Love Hope Strength Foundation, a wonderful charity promoting bone marrow donation and saving the lives of cancer victims. Mike was also the lead vocalist for Big Country four four years, up to 2013 as well as The Alarm. Full of drive and enthusiasm, Mike is hugely charismatic in real life as well as up on stage. A truly gifted performer.

Website: www.thealarm.com

Mike Tipton

Mike is the front man for the Muddy Boggy Band, a hard hitting Rockabilly group from S.E Oklahoma USA. For over 10 years now they have been playing every venue possible and regularly entertain the crowds at Rodeos, Street Dances and Country Fairs. Their energy and drive is infectious and they often have the dance floor packed for over three hours. Mike has also performed with some major artists over the years including the world famous Blue Grass Performer, Bill Grant and Janet Robin who has toured with Fleetwood Mac and Sheryl Crow. Mike grows then cuts his hair every 4 – 5 years and sends it to “Locks for Love”, a charity that makes hair pieces for kids with Cancer. You can check out Mike and the Muddy Boggy Band on their website.

Website: www.muddyboggyband.com 


UK band Elbow were one of the brightest discoveries of 2001, their first single, “Newborn”, gaining a Single of the Week from both the NME and The Independent alongside ranking in many paper’s end of year charts for that year. Lead singer, Guy Garvey, fronts the band who are all approaching their fortieth birthdays and have been together since their late teens. The elbow of 2014 are both the same and markedly different to those five lads of 1992. Always critically respected, from their debut EP, ‘Noisebox’, a self-release that landed in John Peel’s Festive 50 of 1998, through the Mercury nominated debut of ‘Asleep In The Back’ (2001) to the current day. Still the only band to score four consecutive 9/10 album reviews in NME, the band may now have Mercury, BRIT and Ivor Novello awards to their name and graduated from halls to arenas, inside pages to front covers, best kept secrets to globally recognized names, festival second stages to main stage headlines but their core motivation remains that stated by Guy on the release of debut single proper ‘Newborn’ in 1999: ‘It’s not very fashionable to give a shit about anything but, for us, both lyrically and musically it has to be sincere’.

Website: www.elbow.co.uk

Falton Rock

Falten Rock are a 7 piece rock band from Aachen, Germany. Having only formed 3 years ago Falten Rock are already taking Aachen by storm, regularly performing to crowds in excess of 600 strong in local venues. Covering rock classics from the likes of Deep Purple, Manfred man, The Stones and Pink Floyd, Falten Rock are now getting some major press coverage ! More recently, female vocalist Rosa Prochnow has joined the group allowing tracks from Alanis Morissette and Mellissa Etheridge to expand the sets and draw in ever growing crowds of fans. Singer, Kevin Moon (bottom Right) talked to us recently and admitted to being recognised now by people in the street. Faltern Rock are obviously on the up, watch out for them !

Website: Falten Rock