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New Stageprompter model is launched earlier than expected

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It is not often we run out of stock here at Staffords but Januarys' orders saw us sell out of our 22WMG01 Stageprompters very much sooner than forecast. This has meant we have bought forward the launch of our newmodel, the Wedge-03.

This new model uses the same wedge case as the previous two models but features a completely new screen and foot switch. The heart of this new model also features a completely new control board which has been developed and manufactured here in the UK. It allows the user to use the new, three button foot switch to access the menu of images rather than a separate remote control. Using the other two buttons, the user can move up and down the menu to select the particular image needed and also move through the actual images on screen.

Another new feature is the ability to rotate the whole display on screen using the foot switch. This is used when you wish to place the Stageprompter on its back when you are performing at a small venue owing to a lack of space on stage. When the Stageprompter is on its back the screen is then at a flatter angle. On previous models you would have to choose this option when creating your images in our web app’. Now this can be done in seconds when up on stage.

With this model we have also introduced  our new accessories bag. This heavy duty canvas bag is for you to protect / carry the footswitch and power supply. One is included with each Wedge-03 purchased, but existing customers can purchase this separately in our website shop.

We hope you like the new model and watch out for the full demo video coming over the next few days.